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Smart toilet produce "domestic heat" , Aimas intelligent toilet make a figure

Writer:AmasNumber of visits: Date:2017-8-31 11:54

Whether the house is good, big, deluxe decoration, feeling warm and sweet or not ?

Warm home style is the pursuit of everyone's decoration. However, people are getting higher and higher on the bathroom requirements. Creating a comfortable and fashionable bathroom is one of the focuses of modern home decoration special for young people.

With the improvement of living standards and the change of consumer demand,people's requirements for the bathroom has not only limited to the use of the product, there are also focus on  the appearance, feelings, water-saving features, intelligent,etc.

High appearance and more fashionable

AV-6808G, this is an all-in-one intelligent toilet without water tank. The intelligent toilet breaks the restriction of the traditional toilet with water tank, and this design eliminates the problem of bacterial growth in tanks and contamination of tanks.

Subversion of the traditional toilet, laps heating is not afraid of cold.

AV-6808G toilet seat embedded intelligent heating system, different from the ordinary toilet, automatic induction heating. And the cover has a Seat thermostat, it can according to different people’s temperature to adjust the temperature automatically, It will not be burns. There are real intelligent security !

Full-function cleaning mode, gives you different enjoyment.

Are you still using toilet paper to wipe your hip? Then you must have never seen Aimas's intelligent toilet, AV-6808G has different cleaning modes.  Weadopted a quick heating system, heating it quickly without waiting. Water temperature four stalls adjustable to meet the needs of different seasons.

Female cleaning. Unique shower head design, designed for women's private cleaning design, especially gentle care of women's menstrual period.

Hip cleaning. Single hole cleaning nozzle design, concentrated water can clean the hip very well.

Warm air drying. 6808 special set of warm air drying, you hip will feel comfortable and refreshing after the toilet automatically dry.

7 heavy safety protection system, double safety

Do you worry about electricity? Don’t worry! AV-6808G implanted 7 heavy safety protection system, decompression, temperature control, water, anti-current, overheating, anti-low temperature burns, leakage protection, comprehensive protection,  intelligent let you rest assured.

"Intelligent health" the new concept of of Aimas's intelligent toilet will bring you a new way to understand life better.

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